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In the process of overall software design, there are software design topics that you must be familiar with if you are to have a foundation of knowledge required to complete the software development process. The software depends on design concepts, design considerations, the use of modeling languages, and design patterns for the software designer to exploit if he or she is to reflect the goals the software is trying to achieve: express the meaning of the components in the overall structure and identify design problems. cheap essay help

Research one of the following items:

  1. Overall meaning of what it means to perform software design (definition, purpose)
  2. The meaning of design concepts: abstraction, refinement, modularity, software architecture
  3. The meaning of design considerations: compatibility, extensibility, fault-tolerance, and maintainability
  4. Identification of at least 1 modeling tool (i.e., BPMN, RSA, EEML, IDEF, SysML) and its basic usage for modeling the design
  5. APA with intext citation and at least 2 references