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Please explain your answers as accurately as possible. Grading will heavily depend on the methodology of your reasoning, not the end result.

Also, use the skill you’ve learned to write using “equation” function on your word file. Hand written answers are not preferred.



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MBA 501 Math & Stats for Business



  1. This assignment is to be done individually. This is not a group assignment.
  2. The Mid-term is due in the beginning of the next class. Please bring a hard copy with you to the class.
  3. If you have difficulty printing the assignment, please email the assignment to the instructor before the class.
  4. Late or redone homework assignments will be accepted only at the final class (up to a total of two).
  5. Only explained and detailed answers will be accepted!

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  1. Simplify the following expressions: (5 points each)
    1. Solve each equation (find the unknown variable): (1 point each)
    1. Find the derivative of each of the following functions: (a-b 5 points each | c-f 1 point each)
    1. Case: (a-d 1 point each | e 25 points each)


The top six basic cable television providers in the year 2012 are listed in the following table.


Rank Cable Provider Basic Cable Subscribers
1 Comcast 21,995,000
2 Direct TV 20,080,000
3 Dish Network 14,056,000
4 Time Warner 12,218,000
5 Verizon 4,726,000
6 Cox 4,540,280


List the elements of the following sets, explaining your reasoning:

  1. F, the set of cable providers with more than 5 million subscribers
  2. G, the set of cable providers with between 10 million and 20 million subscribers
  3. H, the set of cable providers with less than 20 million subscribers.
  4. I, the set of cable providers with more than 13 million subscribers.