how to write a narrative essay step by step

How to Write a Narrative Essay Step by Step | Essay on Help

There are various types of assignments that students are normally assigned by their teachers. At times, these essays tend to be difficult for one to understand the differences. A narrative essay is one of these confusing papers. Unlike other essays, the narrative is quite different. Instead of conducting research, it requires you to tell a story. This is something that is very rare for the students to partake as part of their coursework. Many students don’t have any skills and experience when it comes to narrative essays. They thus end up failing since they don’t know how to go about. This is where the essay on the help by My Homework Writers may apply. My Homework Writers, you find an essay on help and learn how to write a narrative essay step by step.

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Learn How to Write a Narrative Essay Step By Step

A narrative essay involves telling a particular story. It is thus, quite different as compared to other types of essay since it requires descriptive features. For most of the students, a narrative essay is a complex assignment and requires a lot of time and effort. However, My Homework Writers can ease you from such difficulty. This is because you can find essay on help with your assignment and how to write a narrative essay step by step. To make it easier for you, My Homework Writers through essay on help have created some steps of narrative writing. So the following is how to write a narrative essay step by step;

  • Carefully go through the prompt:

The first crucial and important step before you begin writing the narrative essay is reading the prompt carefully. Although this looks like a no-brainer task, most students tend to get excited by the opportunity to begin writing creatively. As a result, they fail to read the prompt and go straight to writing which may finally lead to failure.

  • Find a suitable topic for the prompt:

After reading and understanding well, ensure that you find a suitable and relevant topic in relation to the prompt. Your narrative essay can be well written and the most interesting in the whole class. However, if the topic is irrelevant, then you won’t score the best grade. Therefore, make sure that your narrative essay has a good topic and follows the right format.

  • Make an outline:

Creating an outline is an interesting step, yet very essential. The aim of a narrative essay is to tell a story. It thus contains a lot of information hence you can get lost in the middle of the essay. So the best option to avoid this is to create a good plan. With this, you can be sure that you remain within the context of your essay.

  • Give a good hook:

This is the part where you actually begin writing. Giving a good hook to your narrative essay can suggest the climax part of the story. A hook can be a quote relating to the narrative story or anything capable of grabbing the reader’s attention. Every student would like the reader to read the whole story, so only a good hook can keep the reading.

  • Write the thesis statement:

For a narrative essay, the thesis statement relates to whatever you may have learned from the experience of the story that you are writing about. Avoid making the thesis too descriptive since you do not want to give the readers the ending of the story.


how to write a narrative essay step by step
how to write a narrative essay step by step
  • Use description and clear details:

When writing the narrative essay, avoid giving a statement without any further details. Consider adding descriptions of the story with vivid details as well.

  • Write a powerful conclusion:

Your conclusion should be powerful. Ensure that you tie all the loose ends. You can accomplish this by explaining in details everything you learn about from the experience. Also, explain how you might have changed due to what happened.

  • Revise your work:

Never neglect this final step. Revising your work is very essentials especially with the narrative essay. You need to ensure that all the details flow smoothly and that you included all important information. You may also want to correct any grammar and spelling errors.

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