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The college officials who go through applications essay are familiar with reading similar essays and you need to give them an interesting read. Before you know how to start a college application essay, you need to choose a topic. The only way you will make your essay interesting is if you write about something you believe in. You need to realize that a reader will not like an essay that you do not like yourself. My Homework Writers has a guide on how to start a college application essay that you can use. A college application essay is mostly comprised of 500 words. When you know how to start a college application essay, you will be able to know how to attract the attention of the reader. To get it right you can buy my college essay services from My Homework Writers.


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Everyone wants to get their college application right and that is why they choose to buy my college essay services. There are also tips you can use through My Homework Writer’s guide on how to start a college application essay. Here is how to start a college application essay:


  • Read and Understand the Instructions

Starting an essay is the hardest part in writing the essay. Once you get through this stage, the rest of the essay will easily flow. The instructions may seem redundant but they are a crucial part of an essay. When you are writing your college application essay, you experience both excitement and stress and this may cloud your level of attentiveness. You need to read the instructions carefully so that you follow all the admission guidelines. If you do not adhere to the instructions in your admission essay, the admission officer will not trust you to follow the college program. There is a reason why the instructions include word and page limits. This is to ensure that you are capable of submitting to the college rules.


  • Begin with a Compelling Introduction

Writing an entire essay may be challenging, however, it gets easier with a great introduction. A good introduction has the potential of capturing the attention of any reader. The only was an admissions officer will read through your entire essay is when they are attracted to it. A compelling and vivid introduction will keep the reader engaged. Your introduction should tell the reader what your essay is about in order you to attract their attention. Using an interesting story or an anecdote can showcase your personality and character to the reader. This will allow them to know who you are which will attract them to your story.


  • Give Good Examples

The purpose of a college application essay is to show how your mind works. There is so much you can say but when you do not support it with vivid examples, it becomes invalid. You want your essay to be credible and the best way to achieve this is to use examples. Supporting your ideas with examples shows the reader that you understand what you are saying. You should determine how your essay relates to your qualities and then choose a particular angle to approach an idea. Every time you state an idea in your essay, it should not only be simply a fact but also include examples and .details that develop that idea. Using examples from personal experiences helps you to write about what you are passionate about.


how to start a college application essay
How to Start a College Application Essay



Popular College Application Essay Topics

There are a lot of talented students in the application pool and your goal should be to stand out. To achieve this, you can look through commonly asked questions and topics for college application essays. This will help you understand how to start a college application essay. You can also get my college essay services from My Homework Writers. Here are some popular college application essay topics:

  • Reflect on a time when you challenged or questioned a belief or idea. What inspired your thinking? What was the result?
  • Discuss an achievement, realization or event that prompted a period of growth and a new understanding of others or yourself.
  • Share an essay on any topic of your choice. It could be one you have already written or one which response to a different prompt or one of your specific design.
  • Some students have a background, identity, talent or interest that is so wonderful that they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story.

How to Succeed in Your College Application Essay

Knowing how to start a college application essay is not enough. You need to know how to succeed in your college application essay. It also helps to check out the comprehensive guide at My Homework Writers or buy my college essay services. Here is how to succeed in your college application essay:


  • Use your Inner Voice

Colleges are always looking for uniqueness and authenticity. This is why it is important to remain true to yourself and avoid using other people’s beliefs and ideas. Base your application on genuine beliefs. Impress the admissions officer with existing knowledge and determination.


  • Organize your Essay

Just because you are creative does not mean you do not have to organize your work. Ensure that you develop a great essay plan before you begin writing your essay. Make sure that you cover everything within the maximum amount of words given.


  • Ensure you Proofread your Work

Read your college application essay over and over in order to ensure that there are no typos, grammar or spelling errors. It also helps to give someone else to proofread your work so that they can look at it with fresh eyes. This will ensure your essay is spotless.

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In conclusion, knowing how to start a college application essay is essential in helping you write a great essay. This is not an ordinary essay as it will enable you to impress the admissions officer. In case you have problems writing it, you can by my college essay services from My Homework Writers. You can also use go through their guide on how to start a college application essay.