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Share with the class your website, as I know many of you have already created one, or are using one promoting your skills, portfolio, brand and name. If you have not created a website yet, it is time to do so. You cannot complete this course without the pride of having your own site.

See below some of the links that will help you (for free) to create one.

To design use: We

Website Builders: I use Square Space but now WIX is on top of the list – https://www.thebest10websitebuilders.com/charts/1/best-website-builders?utm_campaign=ma_thebest10_us_thebest10websitebuilders.com_e_3^72128741961&experiment_id=1745755621^1t1^339960552144^website%20builder^e&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8_vTp-y85AIVxZyzCh0Q0wVIEAAYASAAEgKNd_D_BwE

Website hosts: I use GoDaddy but now Blue Host is on top – https://www.top10bestwebsitehosting.com/?utm_source=google&kw=web%20hosting%20companies&c=366447076796&t=search&p=&m=e&adpos=1t1&dev=c&devmod=&mobval=0&network=g&campaignid=1983583869&adgroupid=67844794501&targetid=kwd-11216371&interest=&physical=9052877&feedid=&a=&ts=&topic=&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIs86Zwuy85AIV7f_jBx0XsAfMEAAYASAAEgLQevD_BwE

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Website Builder Expert and Tips: https://www.websitebuilderexpert.com/building-websites/

Best Software for Website Design: https://www.isitwp.com/best-web-design-software/

To register you business/company/brand in Florida: https://dos.myflorida.com/sunbiz/start-business/ or https://www.floridaregistrations.org/llc-forms.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI08r1ie285AIVERgMCh1J4Al1EAAYAyAAEgKpYfD_BwE

To register business anywhere in USA: https://www.upcounsel.com/how-to-register-company-in-usa or https://www.lifewire.com/tips-for-a-great-web-page-3470063

How to Start a Company in USA: https://www.mycompanyworks.com/international.htm



share here and comment on how you chose your elements, if you had help building it and what is your purpose and angle to have your website in place. Are you planning to sell online, to promote, to educate, to raise awareness, to blog, to offer courses online, to invite new followers to your social media platforms, to grow your email list?