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Format Requirements:

Label each Section and part of analysis, as Section A, 1., Section A, 2., etc.

Analyses should be comprehensive, fully supported/justified/explained, specific, and detailed in rationale (this is a most important requirement of this project)

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Analyses should be paragraph format

All in text citations must be in APA proper format

Each part should a minimum of 3-4 paragraphs, and likely will be, and should be, longer to be adequately comprehensive.

Follow directions for assignment closely

Read the following case scenario and respond to analysis instructions at the end.

RESOURCES:  Support all conclusions with legal concepts, applicable law, logical reasoning and in-text cites to relevant resources.  You may use some outside resources, but rely primarily on in-class assigned materials.

Scenario: Midwest Grains, Inc. (Grains) is a large, privately-owned Iowa-based supplier of various grains to manufacturers and retailers throughout the country.

National Bakers, Inc. (Bakers) is a large, family-owned corporation based in New Jersey with operations in 15 states.

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On August 30, representatives for Grains and Bakers verbally agreed for Grains (1) to sell 1000 lbs. of wheat grain to Bakers for market price, to be shipped via truck to the Bakers’ warehouse in New Jersey by September 12, 2016, and (2) to sell 100 lbs. of ground corn to Bakers for market price, to be shipped via truck to the Bakers’ warehouse in New Jersey by November 1, 2016.

Grains and Bakers have engaged in previous business sales transactions and always commit their verbal agreements to signed written contracts via email. On September 3, Grains and Bakers completed a written contract to reflect their agreement for the sale and shipment of grains.



1. Write a valid enforceable contract that reflects the September 3 agreement

between Grains and Bakers, as described above.

This is to be a learning exercise; actually writing even the simplest contract is the best way to learn about a contract. This is to be your own work, do not use a standard form contract from the internet.  A standard form contract will not conform to the facts given, will be more complex and obvious – and will result in substantial point deductions.

This is a relatively brief, simple contract.  Do not include sections not relevant to the precise agreement as stated in the facts.  Try not to to make this overly complicated.  If it seems too complicated, you are probably going beyond the facts given and including things not in the facts.


2. Assume that beginning in the summer, 2016, there is an oversupply of grain that is

driving prices down. Consequently, on September 1, 2016, US Congress enacted a law, popularly called the Limited Grain Act (this is a fictitious act for purposes of this assignment; do look for the act on the internet) that temporarily bans the production and sale of all grains in the US, and provides for payment of a subsidy to farmers for not growing grains.

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Grains and Bakers were unaware of this ban when they signed the September 3 contract for the sale of grains.

Analyze and discuss the (a) the constitutionality of the Limited Grain Act explaining the legal basis for the law and why it is constitutional or unconstitutional, and  4-6 paragraphs or longer

(b) the validity of the September 3 sales contract between Grains and Bakers explaining the conclusions and rationale in detail.   3-6 paragraphs or longer

The following resources may not be used:

Any Wiki sites

Law firm or company/corporate newsletters or advertisements

Local or regional newspapers (MAJOR Metropolitan newspapers, e.g., Wall Street Journal, New York Times, etc. may be used)


Social Media

Instructor Notes or any Professor posted info in the classroom

Direct quotes from any resources may not be used and will result in point deductions.  Paraphrase any attributions to outside resources.

Business periodicals, e.g., Forbes, The Economist, Business Week, law review articles, academic articles in professional journals, e.g., The Business Law Journal, or business law journals published by law schools, e.g., The Business Law Journal – Penn Law School, etc. are appropriate and useful resources. 

Good luck and ask any questions as you progress.

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