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Article review involves an important and critical evaluation of literature in a given area through analysis, classification, summary, and comparison. An article review gives students a good opportunity to evaluate and analyze the work that has been done by other experts in a particular field. Outside the system of academic work, experts usually review the work accomplished by their peers. The purpose of this is to identify originality, clarity, contribution to the field of study. Therefore, as a student, you may be trying to answer the questions in relation to the article review. It is thus important to understand the level of evaluation and analysis that the professor is seeking. The entire review process tends to be challenging and time-consuming. Due to this, My Homework Writers have created the homework help website to offer assistance in article review. You can as well learn the article review format from our website.assignment help online


Journal Article Review

A journal article review evaluates both the weaknesses and the strengths of particular article content and ideas. It gives a clear analysis, description, and interpretation which enable the reader to determine the value of the article. Before going through a journal article, there are various things from homework help website you first need to consider. These things according to our homework help website by My Homework Writers include;

  • Go through the abstract to know the argumentative summary of the author
  • Study well the subheadings to know the author’s arrangement of the review content
  • Study the reference list to know how the research contributes to the arguments by the author
  • Identify what the journal review title leads you to and the expectations of the article
  • Determine whether the author has made any significant contribution to the area of study


Journal Article Review Template  

With My Homework Writers, outlining an article review involves a wide process. Firstly, go through your notes and select a statement that expresses the major purpose or thesis of the journal article review. When choosing a thesis statement, put the author’s intentions into consideration. State whether you think those particular intentions were accomplished successfully. Remove all the notes that one way or another doesn’t relate to the thesis. Arrange the remaining review points in a way that separate various groups. For instance, points relating to the styles, structure, and arguments.


Create a logical format which you intend to present the ideas. Keep in mind that all the ideas you state have to support the main thesis. If you are troubled with the brainstorming and writing process of the article review format, visit our homework help website by My Homework Writers for more information. You can also use the template below from the homework help website with my homework writers as a guide.


The introduction:

  • The aim of the author in writing the journal article review
  • Statement of the main thesis
  • Information concerning the reputation of the author and the significance in the field
  • How the article review relates to the work done on a similar topic.


The body:

  • Follow the logical sequence in developing ideas as stated in the outline
  • State all the arguments supporting the thesis
  • Add direct quotations from the journal article to clarify the main ideas.

The conclusion part:

  • Restate the main thesis statement
  • A summary of the whole journal article review


Article Review Format APA

The article review format of an article review should always stick to the citation styles as instructed by the professor. However, if you not certain, it is good to seek more clarifications recommended article review format. Inquire about other references to complete adequately the article review format. Apart from your professor, you can also find better clarification from My Homework Writers. Just go to our homework help website by My Homework Writers for further clarification on article review format. Similarly, when using the article review format APA style, you ought to write citation entries for all the sources you use. Our recommended homework help website by homework writers APA format you can use include:

Author’s last name, and first and middle initial, year of publication, the title of the article, and the volume.


Get Article Review Sample from Our Homework Help Website

Reading an article review sample is very important especially for students. It helps them in a particular area as well being introduced to other expert’s work in that particular field. Therefore, getting samples from our homework help website can be very helpful. With My Homework Writers, you can get a lot of benefits as well as learn the article review format. Therefore, our homework help website samples by my homework writers help a student in the following ways;


  • To determine the experts working in a particular field
  • Help in identifying the important gaps in the research and finding the possible solutions
  • To identify both recent and important findings and advances in a given area of study
  • It helps give an idea of where the next research is
  • Samples are used as a reference in the any current debate
  • It enables one to be an expert in a specific field of study

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In conclusion, article review is the summary and evaluation of someone else’s piece of work. It is an important task for students at all education levels. Therefore, seeking further assistance from online services guarantees you the best results. My Homework Writers through our homework help website are the right place for you. With us, you not only get help in writing an article review but also get to know the article review format.